Windows to Mac


I grew up working on a Windows based PC or Laptop. I've never touched a Mac until I entered college. Windows has been my best friend when it comes to editing videos, photos and layouts.

My last Windows based computer was my Toshiba laptop which gave up on me a year ago. I was really devastated that time because it's the middle of my first term in third year college and I have to pass a lot of requirements that has to be done digitally. I have no choice but to go home in the province every Monday night just to finish a requirement.
Anyways this Macbook that I got is a used Macbook. My Aunt gave it to me since she doesn't use it anymore and she just use it to store photos. It's a Mid 2014 15" Macbook Pro. I checked it on the Apple store and holy moly this baby is expensive! It's the most expensive Macbook Pro on their store because of it's whooping specifications :

 Look at that monstrous 16 GB of RAM! And 2.5GHz and Intel Core i7! It means I can use more than 3 editing software at the same time without my Mac lagging.
And it's 500GB storage!

I switched from a Toshiba Laptop that's 1 year old. Problem is :

  1. It's too big.
  2. Dead Pixels covered a portion of the screen.
  3. I can't close the unit. The back part is already broken.
  4. I can't use it for editing anymore.
  5. It's slow
  6. Battery life span too short. I can only use it for an hour or two.
  7. A lot of troubleshooting.
  8. System crashes.
"What did you used when your laptop broke?"
  • I used my sister's PC for editing posters and videos. I had a hard time using it because it's super slow and the rendering of videos takes forever! But it really saved me and help me survive the semester! Big thanks to this trusty PC of yours, Sis!
Another reason why I love this Mac because it is sleek and sexy! I feel like a very professional creative person when I use this. The trackpad can do many things like switching an app from time to time. The speaker of this is really clear I really love it! And the colors of a Mac is vibrant and accurate which is another factor for me because I take want to make sure that the colors of my Photos and Videos are accurate.

Would I recommend a Mac for a creative person like me? HECK YES! If you have the cash you should totally go for a Mac! Macs are quite expensive but it's a good investment but I tell you, with proper care a Mac can last for years!

By the way, here's a screenshot of my desktop tee-hee :

Side note: I would like to thank my Auntie for giving me this Mac because it really helped me survived the semester. God bless you Tita

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