Pampanga: The place I call home.


4 years ago, I started my education in UST. At first, I was scared because I came from the province and I'm afraid that people won't like me and I will be a total loser. I remember when I was a freshman, I wanted to go home everyday from UST to Pampanga because I miss everything. I was experiencing homesickness everyday. I would sometimes cry at night because I miss my mom and my siblings.

But as I started adapting the life in Manila, I started embracing the life in the city. I started looking forward for family events just to go home.

This Undas Break, I went home to the province to lit some candles and pray for my relatives who passed away before I was born. I'm really happy because we get to see each other every first of November.

Peace (Best shot)

Home is where your family is. (establishing)

Home is where your family is. (establishing)

Our dearly departed. (details)

Generations by generations. (supporting)

Two days after Undas, I went out and strolled the city of San Fernando. There I saw the beautiful lanterns of my province. No wonder why they called it the Christmas Capital of the Philippines because of its lanterns. It was chaotically beautiful. I fell in love with my province even more.

Busy streets of San Fernando. (establishing)

Light provider.(Details)

Fast lane. (supporting)

She brings light to those who need light in their life. (Details)

Home of the Giant Lanterns. (supporting)

Home is not about the house you live in. It's about the family that supports you and always there for you. It's about that relaxing feeling when you go home from the city. I am proud to call this my home.

- Ohyo

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